My Favorite Movies

So, after intending to for several years now, I finally got around to writing up a list of my favorite movies.  I went through everything I’ve ever watched on Netflix and my whole movie collection and listed out everything I thought could be a contender for my favorites list.  I then started comparing them and adjusting them up or down the list accordingly.  It probably still needs a little tweaking, but for the most part, it’s done.  The resulting list is in the Google spreadsheet listed below.  At some point, I should separate them out into action, comedy, and drama categories because it’s really hard to compare those genres, but that’s for another time.

Also, I’ve enabled commenting on the document so if you want to agree, disagree, recommend something not on the list, etc., feel free.


I got around to separating out the genres (action, comedy, and drama) which was harder than I was expecting (some like While You Were Sleeping and Stranger Than Fiction were really hard).  I still have the main tab with the full list, then three more tabs for the individual genres.  After separating them, I did a bit more sorting on the resulting lists so those should be a little more accurate.  I didn’t go back and re-sort the main list so that’s still a little wonky, but it’ll have to do.

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